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Join Our Upcoming Events

A big thank you to all who have attended our workshops in the past year, and awakened their Intuition through Dowsing!


I would also like to thank all those who came to the Rollright Stones to share with Mother Nature the beneficial Energies of this wondrous place. Blessings to one and all.

For 2020 we have several exciting events and workshops planned for you.



Not sure if dowsing is for you? Join us for a Free trial.

This year (as last year) we are offering free 30 minute 'Dowsing Taster sessions' at the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire OX75QB between April-October,

 on the 3rd Saturday and Sunday of each month (weather permitting).


On Request In Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.

This is a great opportunity to try dowsing and see what it is all about. We can provide you with dowsing rods. All you need is some curiosity about our world.


Bank Holiday Monday - August 31st 2020

As Trustees of the Rollright Stones, following our successful Fun Day at the Rollright Stones 
in previous years, we hope to repeat the event again this year on 
the August Bank Holiday Monday


This is an opportunity to try out Dowsing for those who have never tried it, and for Dowsers to come together to meet, share, learn, exchange knowledge and ideas, and to simply be with like-minded people.


The Rollright Stones are about a thousand years older than Stonehenge and are thought to be nearly 6000 years old. People still come to the Kings Men circle to meet, celebrate, or marry (handfast), or to scatter ashes at the Whispering Nights burial chamber, or just simply to absorb the presence of place.


Bring your own picnic/rug. Gazebo shelters will be provided. - £1 entry donation.


We will be at the Rollright stones most Bank Holidays and the 3rd Saturday and Sunday of each month between April-September
(weather permitting).


Please drop in for a chat, a taste of Dowsing if you are in the area.

We love meeting new people and are also available for home Dowsing sessions if getting around is difficult. 

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