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Our Discoveries & Areas to Dowse

The Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire

Where to Dowse:

  • Stone circle (inside & out)

  • Grass area to south of stones

  • The Dolman and path leading to it

  • The Kingstone and grass areas in front and behind

Our finds include two major power centres and several minor ones, a blind spring, many water lines, necklaces, spirals and vortexes, and the Belinus Line. 

Our workshops will show you how to find all this and more! 

Ely Cathedral
Where to Dowse:


  • Knave

  • Octagon

  • Choir area

  • Lady chapel

  • South corridor

Right of the West Tower: This area was originally used as a foundry in the construction of the Cathedral when smelting the lead for the roof. We found something in this area, what can you find by dowsing here? 

Our finds include two major earth energy lines, a major power centre, a running stream, a well, and two necklaces. 

Salisbury Cathedral 

Where to Dowse:

  • Knave

  • North & South Transept

  • Chapter House

  • North/West windows (externally & internally)

There are many similarities between this and Ely Cathedral, here are some of our recent discoveries.  
Our finds include a major earth energy line, a major power centre, a spiral, necklace  and countless keys!

Rosslyn Chapel 

When Dan Brown decided to write 'The Da Vinci Code', he knew that its finale would have to take place at one of the most mysterious and magical places on earth - Rosslyn Chapel.
Mysterious and magical it truly is!

Where to Dowse:

  • Knave

  • Font area 

  • Alter

  • Crypt

Our finds include two major earth energy lines, a necklace, major and a minor power centre, and high levels of emotional energy. 

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