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What is dowsing?
Why Should I Learn About Dowsing?

Our ancestors used intuition in the form of dowsing when trying to locate water, buried metals or ores, gemstones, oil, burial sites, and many other objects and materials without the use of any scientific apparatus.

Nowadays if we want water we just turn on a tap, however we can still use dowsing to find not only water, but lost or hidden objects, such as our keys, broken pipes, lost rings, and even buried foundations of ancient ruins.

Another essential element of dowsing is to discover the numerous energy lines which criss-cross the Earth. Dowsers have discovered that most ancient stone and burial sites, as well as old churches are set on 'Earth energy lines' or underground water sources.

Let’s go back a few thousand years and connect to a hidden and forgotten knowledge. 

Through our workshops you will learn how to dowse, not only for for water, but for hidden objects, historical ruins and Earth's energy lines. 

You will be also be taught how to tune into your intuition through dowsing to enable better health, energy and well-being, to help you understand how to ground and calm yourself. 

You will acquire a detailed and fun history of dowsing, and have lots of hands on practice with dowsing rods and pendulums.

We make and supply an assorted range of Dowsing Rods with either swivel or non swivel handles.  Prices range from £2 for plain steel practice Rods,
to £12 for Bronze Rods, with Brass or Black Carbon Fibre Swivel Handles. 
Please Contact Us for more details.

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